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We never underestimate the importance how the fabrics are dyed: it is crucial that the colour on the pads is never transferred to the skin, especially in such delicate areas like the ones in contact with the pad.

That is why we use fabrics that have only been piece dyed and can guarantee colour fastness in high-moisture situations as well as when subjected to constant localised friction.


Bacteriostasis has always been one of the holy grails when developing Elastic Interface® fabrics.

Bacteriostasis is the result of any process that inhibits the growth of bacteria while simultaneously maintaining the skin’s normal bacterial balance.

Using a bacteriostatic fabric is one of the secrets to preventing the skin irritations and rashes caused by sweat.


Feeling great against the skin is an absolute must for any pad. But a fabric also has to be breathable and quick drying.

This is achieved with a technique known as brushing, and if the fabrics are made with carbon filaments they undergo one more step called emerising, which ensures an even softer feel.

The Elastic Interface® research and development lab (EIT LAB) successfully creates fabrics that feel soft and comfortable yet also deliver top-flight performance.


Every fabric in our platform has a hydrophilic treatment that helps for a faster draining of sweat and humidity.
The REPOC (reduced points of contact) construction of our top fabrics promotes micro air circulation and prevents skin from overheating.


Since the concept of stretch has been introduced to the textile industry, fabrics are much better at adapting to and moving with the body.

Being able to work with a cyclist’s body and follow every pedal stroke without any stiffness or unwanted chafing or friction is the key feature of any Elastic Interface® cycling pad.

All our fabrics are designed to enhance your performance at any level.

Elastic Interface® exclusive fabric platform is developed for cycling uses in cooperation with MITI; each fabric has specific characteristics, in order for them to work for the cyclist’s performance only. In 2017 we introduced the ECO Performance Fabric and from 2019 the entire fabric platform will be made of ECO fabrics.

We empowered the existing platform by developing the same fabrics with pre-consumer recycled polyamide and elastane, and with post-consumer recycled polyester. Such fabrics respond to the standards of quality set for our traditional platform, because top-quality raw materials and the finishing are essential for Elastic Interface® to provide high-performing fabrics. Each fabric is treated with the finishing process called brushing and the hydrophilic treatment that helps for a faster draining of moisture.

All fabrics are piece dyed, so they ensure color fastness in high-moisture situations and constant localized friction; as further finishing process, the Sanitized treatment inhibits the growth of bacteria while simultaneously maintaining the skin’s normal bacterial balance.

Read more about our Sustainability Program.

For more information about MITI, click here.


EIT Eco X-Mix is a pinstripe fabric, innovative in its structure: it combines a channel structure with polyester threads. The REPOC construction – reduced points of contact – promotes micro air circulation and keeps the skin from overheating.
The soft polyamide on top provides a smooth, channeled surface in contact with skin, and it prevents chafing and irritations. On a lower level, the polyester threads work to expel moisture, enhancing the dry feeling while wearing the garment.

Special REPOC construction (reduced points of contact) / Soft polyamide and polyester construction for quick-dry and cooling functions / Bacteriostatic / Recycled

Composition: Poliammide 57% – Poliester 27% – Elastane 16%


EIT Eco X-Fifty is unique in structure and in the use of threads, offering excellent temperature control and breathability properties. The particular knit structure offers ‘reduced points of contact’ with the skin (REPOC), promoting micro air circulation which helps keep the skin from overheating, favoring comfort. EIT Eco X-Fifty is inspired by the combination of technologies present in our X-Tract and Coolcube fabrics. The darker, brushed, polyamide cube comes in direct contact with the skin preventing chafing and irritations, the lighter colored polyester cube works at a lower level providing for perfect moisture management as the special channel structure canalizes and expels moisture, reducing the sticky sensation typical of humid environments and allowing the athlete to wear the garment feeling cool and dry.

Special REPOC construction (reduced points of contact) / Soft polyamide and polyester construction for quick-dry and cooling functions / Bacteriostatic / Recycled

Composition: Polyamide 64% Polyester 23% Elastane 13%


EIT Eco Carbonium Flash has a special channel structure that helps collect, canalize and expel moisture, allowing for rapid drying on the skin surface. In addition to this structure, the carbonium thread provides natural antistatic and bacteriostatic properties. The special polyamide-carbon threading makes for an extremely soft and breathable fabric for maximum well-being.

Excellent moisture management / Ultra-fast drying / Maximum softness / Bacteriostatic / Antistatic / Recycled

Composition: Polyamide 76% Elastane 21% Carbon 3%


EIT Eco X-Tract is a highly evolved fabric made of soft polyamide. Its revolutionary structure has two layers that work to improve the fabric’s moisture management. On the top the channel structure collects and
canalizes sweat, on the bottom the fabric helps expel it.

Maximum sweat absorption / Ultra-fast drying / Fresh & dry effect / Great breathability / Bacteriostatic / Recycled

Composition: Polyamide 80% – Polyamide 80%


EIT Eco Cube is the next generation of our EIT Eco Max, a soft microfiber fabric with its distinctive “cube” pattern and improved sweat absorption other than a higher level of elasticity and exceptional color fastness
and durability.

Improved sweat absorption / Higher elasticity / Improved color fastness / Bacteriostatic / Recycled

Composition: Polyamide 87% – Elastane 13%


EIT Eco Max is a plain fabric that has an excellent level of elasticity. Made of soft, high-quality polyamide, EIT Eco Max provides a very smooth surface in contact with skin.

Soft microfiber / Good sweat absorption / Bacteriostatic / Recycled

Composition: Polyamide 84% – Elastane 16%


EIT Eco Team fabric is soft and runproof. Its good elasticity and smooth peach finish make it Perfect for any entry level chamois.

Soft microfiber / Good elasticity / Fair breathability / Bacteriostatic / Recycled

Composition: Polyamide 80% – Elastane 20%