Garanzie di qualità ed eccellenza per i fondelli, comfort e prestazioni per voi

Guaranteed quality and excellence for our pads. Comfort and performance for you.

One of the driving forces behind our work is our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our company, raw materials and fabrics all offer the highest standards of quality and over the years our quest to be the best has encouraged to us to certify these achievements with the most highly-respected guarantees.

At Elastic Interface®, we strive to comply with rigorous regulations in every step of the production process so we can uphold these standards for our cycling pads. Implementing a meticulous, responsible quality management system that involves everyone in the company has visibly enhanced our overall performance and improved how others view every aspect of our business.


To ensure you and our business partners are happy and satisfied, everything we do is validated by the finest internationally recognised quality guarantees. We started with the ISO 9001, which recognises our 100% Made in Italy production process. Next we met the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® that guarantees the non-toxicity of our raw materials, and then we obtained BLUESIGN® certification for our sustainable textile manufacturing methods.

ISO 14001: 2015

We care for the environment we ride in, so we support the 3R program – reduce, reuse, recycle. Starting 2018 Elastic Interface® is also certified ISO 14001, the world’s most recognized framework for environmental management systems, which helps organizations improve their environmental performance. The goal is to keep implementing the 3R program, improving and lightening the impact of our activities on the environment.
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ISO 9001: 2015

Elastic Interface® is the only brand of cycling pads in the world with ISO 9001 certification. Demanding consistent improvement proved to be the only way to achieve long-term benefits. Ensuring that our in-house processes comply with international regulations is a clear guarantee of our brand’s unwavering determination to improve quality, efficacy and efficiency. This certificate is a byword for excellence and market credibility and brings benefits that the end consumer can also see.
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Obtaining the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® for finished products marked a major milestone for our company. It enabled us to join a system that certified the non-toxicity of raw and semi-finished materials as well as the ancillary materials used in different phases of manufacturing.
This give us the certainty we are offering you cycling pads that are safe and free from any harmful chemicals as OEKO-TEX® tests are designed to take into account the intended use of fabrics and materials.
Purchasing an OEKO-TEX® certified product guarantees that you won’t get any irritating or nasty surprises with our products.
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All Elastic Interface® fabrics are guaranteed by bluesign®, the leading system for certifying environmentally-friendly materials and fabrics. The bluesign® system is the solution for approving production processes that comply with environmental regulations.
Started in Switzerland in 2000, this certification covers the entire manufacturing chain in the textile industry to reduce its impact on people and the environment. Purchasing bluesign® approved products gives consumers confidence that they are buying innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions.