When the road calls, we’re with you all the way.

We’ve all felt that irresistible urge to get out on your bike and tackle a legendary climb, race around a lake or embark on a famous Classic despite the trials and tribulations involved. Whatever route you take, our main concern is to ensure you are always as comfortable and safe as possible in the saddle so you can enjoy the rewarding sense of achievement that you only get from cycling.

We have developed a range of products specifically designed for road bikes and their saddles to guarantee you experience the ultimate fit and maximum protection over medium and long distances. When a road cyclist is in the most aerodynamic position the body is angled at about 27-28° and the points of maximum pressure shift towards the front of the saddle. That’s why Elastic Interface® road pads have high-density foam in these areas that move with you through every pedal stroke, providing pure protection mile after mile.

All you have to do is plan your next ride.