The Elastic Interface® Mechanical Characterization Method is the first method that tests final products and not only raw materials.

The long-lasting cooperation with the University of Padua – Department of Industrial Engineering – allowed us to focus our attention on defining the essential specifications to be considered when developing new cycling pads. Continuous tests and research led to the definition of the method and its 5 parameters.

The characterization method is just the first step in our R&D process: it’s our know-how that completes the objective characterization of our products, being our R&D team formed of experienced cyclists. Each parameter is skillfully mixed to define the perfect combination for every discipline and need; then, no cycling pad is included in our collection until it is approved by our R&D team and testers.


A cycling pad has to protect the cyclist even after miles and miles of riding. Tests of durability allow us to define how much a specific cycling pad is reliable in time.


Breathability properties of a cycling pad help the skin to breath and stay dry. “Dry-feeling” is just what a rider needs in order to feel immediately better when pedaling.

Elastic Memory

As the interface between the body and the saddle, a chamois is constantly stressed during the ride. The elastic memory is what enables the padding to return to its original shape after being stretched, compressed or otherwise distorted.

Energy Absorption

While pedaling multiple strains create energy, which stresses the perineal area. A well-performing cycling pad needs to protect the cyclist from such energy. The more energy a chamois can absorb, the more protective it is.

Vibration Dampening

When riding, vibrations from the ground are continuous and transmitted through the bike. Relieving stress from the pelvic bones and the back is essential for the cyclist’s comfort.

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