In bici assieme verso un mondo migliore

Cycling is a sport and a passion. It’s also becoming a byword for sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Balancing growth and innovation with a fairer distribution of resources and a mindful use of available raw materials is one of the privileges that we at Elastic Interface® do not want to give up.

Our sustainable strategy

Quite a while ago Elastic Interface® began carefully analysing our materials, processes and manufacturing methods so we could rationalise the use of all energy resources, from water to electricity, and significantly reduce waste and the emission of pollutants.

EIT set out on this road to a more responsible way of doing business so we can make high-quality, long-lasting products that continue to have less impact on the environment.

reduce reuse recycle and energy recovery on elastic interface process

Our guarantees of certified sustainability

All Elastic Interface® products are Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. This label sets out the strictest requirements for safeguarding people and the environment, guaranteeing that any product next to your skin is safe. Our fabrics come with the bluesign® guarantee that proves our commitment to using clean resources and safe production processes. It also provides the assurance that unsustainable materials can never make it into the production chain.

For you and for the generations still to come we are committed to making the finest quality cycling pads so that everyone can continue to enjoy that unique magic you only get from cycling.
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