Hybrid Cell System

Tradizione, esperienza e innovazione: ecco come vengono realizzati i migliori fondello da ciclismo Elastic Interface ®

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The new frontier in comfort and performance.

Nobody understands better than Elastic Interface® how important it is to have the right protection in the saddle and the direct impact of comfort on your performance.

This is why we have recently introduced a new high-performance material called the Hybrid Cell System (HCS) that gives the most demanding cyclists and endurance riders from road and off-road disciplines exactly what they need.
The new Hybrid Cell System is an Elastic Interface® exclusive featuring a mixed-cell structure that delivers unprecedented elastic recovery.

With its 200 kg/m³ ultra-density design, the Hybrid Cell System takes pads to a whole new level of innovation. This enabled us to create padding that is significantly thinner and lighter than gel, and also radically more breathable and resistant to wear and tear. The Hybrid Cell System, your guarantee for absolute comfort even in extreme situations like ultracycling.

Our bike pads made with Hybrid Cell System

We have applied this innovative technology on five cycling pads of our range: Endurance Anatomic Road Men, Road Performance Force Men / Women and MTB Trail Men / Women.