Women’s chamois have specific features: what are they and why are they so important?


While riding, comfort is key, no matter the distance we are tackling. Amongst a number of factors we need to consider, the choice of the cycling pad definitely makes for a critical element if we want to enjoy our experience in the saddle. What is the point of finding the correct bike fit or choosing a saddle that perfectly suits us if by contrast we keep using the wrong chamois? Using poor quality cycling pads or pads that are not tailored to our anthropometric characteristics can lead to the development of pressure points in the perineal and/or ischial area, to chafing-related skin redness and to the irritating feeling of an uncomfortable pad fit. 
These conditions may contribute to an unnatural posture in the saddle, with the weight of the body being shifted forward over the handlebar, while the cyclist keeps changing position over the saddle to adjust and reduce discomfort. As a result, our performance and the whole well-being of the perineal area may be compromised. On the contrary, the use of suitable chamois promotes an optimal distribution of the weight over the saddle; it improves our performance and helps eliminate some of the annoying problems that are specific of the area – those that no cyclist needs to experience- as skin irritation and chafing. That said, it is obvious that cycling pads can only perform at best if their design takes into account the morphological differences between women and men, combined to the use of materials that boast top-notch technology.

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Why women-specific cycling pads are different from men’s?

Women and men have a different anatomy. As regards the bone structure, women have a pelvis that is wider, and the angle of the pubic arch is greater than in men. For this reason, most of pressure points in women occur within the pubic area. A women-specific chamois shall be designed so as to prevent excessive pressure over this very area, especially when the weight over the saddle shifts forward. Cycling pads for women also need to take into account the particular morphology of women’s external genitalia, protecting them from the irritating chafing that could lead to pathological conditions such as cystitis and vulvovaginitis.

Elastic Interface® women-specific chamois

The fact that female pelvis bones are typically positioned at greater distances one another compared to men, and that the external genitalia have a different conformation, explains why studying and implementing pads specific to the women’s needs is something of the utmost importance.
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Women’s range of Elastic Interface® chamois has been designed taking into account the different bone structure and anatomy that distinguish one sex from the other. In addition to these anatomical considerations, Elastic Interface® pads are developed respecting the different position over the saddle that is specific to each cycling discipline. All this translates into 35 different models of chamois specifically designed for women, according to the cycling discipline they practise. Cycling pads are crucial to our well-being in the saddle and their choice should not be underestimated. This is the reason why it is so important that they suit as much as possible our physical characteristics and the discipline we engage in; this is the only way not to spoil the pleasure of riding.