“I respect cyclists”: the cycle safety campaign of Paola Gianotti


The safety of cyclists on the roads is a matter of increasing concern also to the general public, especially following the death of Michele Scarponi, a couple of years ago.

Paola Gianotti, ultracyclist and Elastic Interface® Ambassador, decided to launch the campaign “Io rispetto il ciclista” [“I respect cyclists”] specifically to stimulate people’s thoughts about this subject.

After the great success achieved in 2018, Paola is conducting the campaign again during the 2019 edition of Giro d’Italia: she is cycling the same route as the pros, one day before their passage.

How did this idea come to light? How is it evolving? Will there be any special date to mark on our calendar during the Race for Pink? Let’s find out more about this, with the interview that Paola Gianotti kindly gave to us for our blog.

“Io rispetto il ciclista” [“I respect cyclists”]: interview with Paola Gianotti

Good morning Paola. After the success of 2018, you have decided to bring forward this message again, during the 2019 edition of Giro d’Italia. What is going to be new?

“Good morning everybody. This campaign began in 2018 mostly to raise public awareness regarding the greater respect and consideration due to cyclists on the roads. At the end of 2018, Marco Cavorso, myself, and ACCPI (Italian Professional Racing Cyclists Association) represented by Alessandra Cappellotto, started to work hard in order to make the minimum distance of 1.5 m between cars and cyclists on the road become a bill for a law. The dream came true and this suggestion is now one of the rules of the road (article 149, paragraph 1 – An).”

“How is the campaign carried out at Giro d’Italia 2019?”

“I ride the same course the pros do, just a day before them, also giving a few talks regarding the subject of road safety. Every day many amateur cyclists will join me, in particular for the stage that will take us from Ivrea to Como, on 25 May. Ivrea is my native town and on that occasion, I will be riding with a large group of cyclists, ladies and men alike, right from the start line. The route, really hard, is going to be 232 km long and it will overcome epic climbs tackled by the Tour of Lombardy, such as Madonna del Ghisallo, Colma di Sormano and Civiglio.”

Let’s focus upon the cyclists. In recent years, are you observing an increasing respect of the rules for their part?

“Yes. By now, nearly everyone wears a helmet but, here, I would like to reflect on another detail. Many of us have installed front and rear lights on the bike in order to be visible in any condition. I’d like to invite all of you to follow this route.”

“Once the 2019 edition of Giro is over, do you already have other projects in mind?”

“Right now, I prefer to stay completely focussed on the Race for Pink and our campaign. Then, after a bit of well-deserved rest, I will take care of keeping you updated about my future projects. To the next time!”

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