To each her own

Elastic Interface® Woman Protection – WP for women who perform


Protection is just as important as performance. Any cyclist knows this; in fact, the former directly affects the latter. The absence of chafing and discomfort could sometimes spell the difference between triumph and disappointment.

Elastic Interface® understands cyclists’ need for protection, and thus responds with nothing but elite technology. Our commitment to women cyclists is as strong as their pursuit for comfort and high-performance in everyday rides. Thus, we have developed a full range of women’s cycling pads to support the female anatomy and their cycling needs.

Why is that?

“After receiving contrasting feedback on the same products, we analyzed the problem. We realized that we women are effectively each different the other. In fact, the anatomic differences between women are much more evident than men” explains Irene Lucarelli, content editor at EIT. “Our goal was to give a solution to these women who felt they had to endure discomfort in order to keep riding. And guess what? You don’t have to suffer in order to ride your bike.”

Then the Elastic Interface® R&D department proceeded to collect feedback and developed three different solutions, each one designed to answer the specific needs of women with regards to comfort and protection. The result was identifying three main “groups”: women who need proper central support, those who need a main area of pressure relief, and the intermediate ones. Ready to discover them? Keep reading.


It is the construction that has existed from the very beginning. It is made for women who want full protection, with a more substantial and continuous support throughout the perineal area.

The pelvic tract area is developed to support the rotation of the pelvic bones while pedaling, and paddings are skillfully placed according to anthropometrical parameters.

This construction is found in all ranges: whether for spin classes, MTB trails, long distance rides on and off-road, or a stylish urban wear, the WP1 range is represented in every category.



The WP2 construction is perfect for ultracycling and extra-long distance rides, one that speaks of high performance: with this solution we created a pressure relief zone by using lower density foams in the perineal area, while guaranteeing the same support and protection of always throughout the rest of the pad.

It features inserts with the highest density, but with a central little insert that relieves pressure. To sum up, the WP2 is for women who prefer a highly protective pad yet do NOT want to experience numbness, especially when in the road position.



WP3 is the latest addition to the woman’s range: it is intended for women who are extremely sensitive to compression. Additional relief is delivered by using thinner and lower density foams, minimizing pressure.

In this solution, the ischiatic padding is raised and the perineal area features a medium-density padding. The pelvic tract area is developed to support the rotation of the pelvic bones while pedaling, and paddings are skillfully placed according to anthropometrical parameters.


Any product in the entire range reflects our pursuit of performance cycling technology, one that follows the anatomy of the cyclist, starting with careful consideration into the shape and form that supports pedaling and provides comfort.

We strive for performance in our women-specific products, with solutions that will suit the varying needs of women cyclists.

Our commitment “To Each Her Own” speaks volumes of the virtue we live by – to continually design for women who perform in the cycling world and beyond.