To Each Her Own


From day one, we have put the needs of cyclists front and center. Our commitment to women cyclists is as strong as their pursuit for comfort and high-performance in everyday rides.

We only create premium products that reflect these requirements. We are well known in the cycling world for our premium cycling pad technology. Our mission is to provide the powerful combination of comfort and high-performance, while keeping our resolve towards sustainability.

Specifically, our women’s range of cycling pads are developed to support the female anatomy and its cycling needs. Our internal design team creates women specific products based on research and studies done by our partners at the University of Padua. This ensures that our cyclists get the comfort and high-performance they need when they train or spend hours on the saddle.

We also understand that women cyclists are multi-hyphenates:they are athletes, mothers, entrepreneurs, sisters, leaders, advocates, and so much more. They are in pursuit of high-performance, not only when they cycle but also when taking on the world.

We strive for performance in our women’s specific products, not just a pink color variation. Our products are truly designed for women that perform, and each item must be specifically designed for women. We understand well that women have a large array needs and our products reflect these unique needs.

So celebrate together with us this month as we recognize all the special women in cycling and know that “To Each Her Own” is not just a slogan but a virtue.