summer riding

Tips for summer riding


Summer is finally here and for us avid cyclists, this means that it’s time get back out on the road. The sun is up, the breeze hits just right, and the trails are calling your name. Its time put in those hours in the saddle that you have been yearning for all winter.

As much as we’re all excited get out on the road, it’s critical to make sure to have everything that you need before you get going. Regardless if you are a newbie or a pro, biking with incomplete gear is a big no-no. The right kit will make or break your ride.

One of the most important pieces of gear for any serious cycling is a high-quality cycling pad. This layer of protection is your interface with the bike and must be carefully considered before venturing out. Cycling pads ensure that each ride is efficient and comfortable at the same time.

Our commitment at Elastic Interface® is to provide efficiency and comfort for cyclists everywhere. That’s why we have been working with the Biomedical Sciences Department at the University of Padua to develop state of the art cycling pads that can help you reach your optimum cycling potential.

But what should you consider when choosing the ideal cycling pad? The answer depends on the kind of cycling you are going for: studies pointed out that different disciplines require different protection so, to help you decide, we here at Elastic Interface® broke down types of pads into three simple categories to help you prepare for summer riding.

Road Cycling

Our EI road cycling pads, for example, are made with high density foams which provide comfort without compromising performance. In the road position, the point of maximum pressure is shifted forwards where the saddle is narrower, in correspondence of the perineal area.


Off-Road Cycling

Off-road cycling pads like the MTB Trail support the cyclist in the MTB position, when the body weight is shifted backwards and it brings the main pressure point in correspondence of the ischiatic protuberance. Protection inserts in the ischiatic area help control pressure at the back of the saddle.


Gravel Biking

Gravel biking is taking the cycling world by storm as it rolls road and off-road biking into one. You
cover long distances with terrains that scream adventure. If you intend to try this, we recommend our Gravel Performance pads made with our exclusive Hybrid Cell System insert, which makes protection thinner and lighter than most gel pads. These make them breathable and lessen moisture.


Regardless of the style you want to explore, do not forget to dedicate extra time to choose carefully your cycling pad. They help bring the best out of your riding experience, especially during this season when the weather is warmer. Elastic Interface® offers a wide array of pads perfect for Summer. Check out our brand list and find the right chamois for your ride!