Paola Gianotti, Italian ultracycler famous for her World Records and numerous solidarity initiatives, is getting ready for a new challenge: riding at home, for 12 consecutive hours, with the goal of raising funds for a local Hospital ICU. The initiative takes place with support from Elastic Interface®, the leading brand in the production of premium cycling pads, and will be held on April 18. At 9.00 am Paola is starting to ride, aiming to reach 350 kilometers in 12 hours.

The event will be broadcast live for 12 hours on her official Facebook channel. In addition to the live broadcast, Paola will use the Zwift platform for pedaling where anyone can join in through the app as well as make a donation to support the initiative. Pro cyclist Davide Cimolai of Team Israel Start-Up Nation will also join this special ride for solidarity.

Paola says the idea was born from wanting to contribute in some way in such a precarious time: “I thought of this initiative while I was training in my basement. Unfortunately, there is urgency to raise funds for hospitals and intensive care units and I want to do this ride to help as much as possible. I auctioned off the bicycle with which I crossed Japan to achieve my third Guinness World Record and 5 of my jerseys. People will be able to ride virtually from their homes with me and donate to the cause.

In addition to riding, there will be 12 hours of live broadcasting on my social media channels where ex-professionals, journalists, bicycle friends and celebrities will participate.

I have traveled many kilometers in my life on roads all across the globe, but this time every kilometer will be ridden an home, with our thoughts for those of who are currently fighting Covid19 and to be able to raise funds for the cause”.

It will be a day of fun all for a good cause. Unfortunately, this is taking place at a difficult time, but the values of sport and cycling go beyond competition. Teamwork, solidarity and tenacity. Let’s do it together!