MTB Trail: built for your cycling adventures


At its core mountain biking is about exploration and freedom and no cyclist wants their day on the trails to be ruined by unwelcome pain or discomfort. The natural position of a mountain biker tends to be more upright than that of a road cyclist and this puts greater pressure on the back of the saddle, and the unpredictable terrain increases the risk of chafing.

MTB Trail: technical specifications

The MTB TRAIL cycling pad is engineered specifically for off-road riding. The design features multidirectional curvature that provides unparalleled fit. The fabrics used are quick-drying and highly breathable to wick away moisture on intense rides to let you concentrate on the trails. The MTB TRAIL comes in both men’s and women’s specific versions, with unique design characteristics to conform to the anatomic needs of both genders. The men’s version features a central channel for improving blood flow and reducing pressure. The women’s version was developed specifically to support to female anatomy by following the anthropometrical parameters defined by the University of Padua and the careful work of our research and development team.

The pad also features the ECO Carbonium Flash fabric with Carbonium thread, which is naturally antistatic and prevents growth of bad bacteria. The padding is made up of our exclusive Hybrid Cell System that is significantly thinner and lighter than gel, with its 200 kg/m³ ultra-density design and is comparatively more breathable and resistant to wear and tear.

MTB TRAIL: built for your cycling adventures.