Chamois Cream: Anti-chafing cream for intimate irritation after the bike


A cyclist’s skin problems are often caused by continuous contact between the saddle and the genital area. These episodes are usually of little magnitude but, in any case, it is better not to underestimate them and remedy them immediately. The use of anti-chafing cream (called “chamois cream” by many enthusiasts) is among the most used methods at an amateur level in case of skin redness but, sometimes, these irritations could be prevented through other simple measures.

What skin problems can a cyclist have? 

A cyclist can usually be subjected to the following skin problems: skin redness, itching, folliculitis, dryness and cracking, dermatitis, furunculosis.

How can a cyclist prevent skin irritation?

We can prevent these irritations through a few simple precautions: take care of intimate hygiene, use a suitable saddle (and check all the necessary measurements), avoid going out on the bike after inguinal hair removal, get up every now and then on the pedals to relieve pressure on the grin, apply anti-chafing creams, wear cycling shorts of the right size and use high quality pads.

How and when to use anti-chafing creams?

The anti-chafing cream has undergone a clear evolution over the years. Initially it was used to soften the deer skin (the vintage pad), while today it is an ointment designed to avoid skin redness or to provide relief to the skin in case of irritation. Several cyclists told us that they stopped using the pad cream after starting to use the Elastic Interface® pads. This means that a chamois made with high quality materials and cutting-edge technologies can represent a valid system of prevention to these problems and should therefore not be seen only as an element to improve its performance.

In any case, companies have created anti-chafing creams of excellent quality with soothing and antibacterial qualities, widely used in the world of cycling. There are also specific creams for men and women. So, just as like with pads, riders rely on those brands that have created a line of specific creams diversified according to gender.

Irritations and redness are common problems for cyclists, especially in the case of very long workouts or if the biker is a beginner. To overcome these problems, you can follow these tips without forgetting how even a small change can make the difference. A high-quality chamois could therefore be your solution but, if redness persists, do not hesitate to use a good anti-chafing cream. If these problems are long-lasting, consult your doctor.

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