EIT anatomic technology



Protection is just as important as performance. Any cyclist knows this – and in fact, the former directly affects the latter. The absence of chafing and discomfort could sometimes spell the difference between triumph and disappointment.

Elastic Interface® understands cyclists’ need for protection, and thus responds with nothing but elite technology. This is the essence behind Elastic Interface®’s Anatomic Technology. This technology was created design products that follow the anatomy of the cyclist, starting with careful consideration into the shape and form that supports pedaling and provides comfort.

Stitched chamois: high-precision and meticulous technology

One of the key features of EIT’s Anatomic Technology is the unique anatomic curved shape, which takes form of two separate half-moons, then joined together to create a technically advanced chamois like the Endurance Anatomic Road Men pad. The two half-moon components of this pad are joined using flatlock stitching and with ultrasonic technology, guaranteeing a smooth surface in contact with the skin.

Endurance Anatomic Joker Men

The first anatomic chamois ever created was the Endurance Anatomic Joker, which represents a leap forward in terms of chamois technology. It highlighted a unique, curved anatomic shape, which guaranteed a new experience of fit and stability in saddle. After the Endurance Anatomic Joker there was the Multi-D Anatomic, a high performing pad for endurance road and off-road rides. It is the first pad to have the thermoformed padding as well as seamless ultrasonic stitching of the two half-moons.

Anatomicity in thermo-molded cycling pads: evolution of EIT products

What complements the shape and form perfect for endurance road and off-road rides is the thermo-molded cycling pads. Based on several design studies by the R&D team, this technology features a system of molds and counter-molds called multidirectional curvature. The use of heat pre-shapes the cycling pads, allowing them to become anatomic.

The very first step in the Anatomic Technology starts with pre-forming the wings of the pads, which facilitates the technical movements of the leg and the act of pedaling, in order to create a truly anatomic chamois. The (r)evolution of thermo-molded cycling pads, then, came with the Space series, which are extremely anatomic by nature and are made for long, stable hours on the saddle.

The Road Performance Space, the first anatomic thermo-molded chamois, is made of three different foam densities based on the area that needs the most protection. The updated version, the Road Performance Space 2, is even more complex and it has 5 different combinations of foam and density.

Elastic Interface® has since improved on this feature through the second generation of anatomic cycling pads: the Road Performance Force, the Gravel Performance and the MTB Trail are still extremely anatomic, but this time possess very smooth surfaces that follow the athletic movements… regardless of cycling disciplines.

Road Performance Force Men

And looking out of the box, Elastic Interface® has recently launched the EIT Palm Technology, developed with the same multidirectional curvature that makes the thermoformed pads anatomical. Only this time it follows the shape of the cyclist’s hand.

As the first three-dimensional, seamless and elastic palm for cycling gloves, the EIT Palm Technology is the new standard of comfort for your hands, in four options, specific for varying use: road, gravel, MTB and crossover rides.

Anatomic Technology: the benefits you never knew was possible

Through its commitment to providing utmost protection for cyclists, Elastic Interface® has made possible various benefits of using the Anatomic Technology. Discover the anatomic products and enjoy the advantages of:

  • Ergonomics on the saddle
  • Extreme comfort
  • Improved stability on the saddle
  • Pad that follows your every technical move