Our Commitment to Sustainability


In order to balance growth and innovation with a mindful use of available raw materials, Elastic Interface® is committed to sustainable manufacturing. The foundation of our sustainability initiative is based in the 3R program: reduce, reuse, recycle. This framework encourages actions that lead to the reduction of materials consumed in the production process, activities that promote reuse or repurposing to avoid waste, and  recycling initiatives within the organization.

The 3R program touches every aspect of our production process. The Elastic Interface® ECO Performance Fabric is the product of our eco-sustainable philosophy applied to our advanced production methods. The raw materials of our ECO performance fabric are made from polyamide and elastane sourced from pre-consumer virgin waste and the polyester is made from 100% recycled PET sourced from plastic bottles. The recycled fabric responds to the same standards set for our traditional fabrics, as we only started using the ECO Performance Fabrics once we were sure that they provided the same performance characteristics as our traditional fabrics. Our sustainable cutting system, then, reduces industrial scraps by using the least amount of material possible and our packaging is recycled and optimized for minimal waste.

Our commitment to sustainability has earned us the ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification that provides assurance that the environmental impact of our production is being measured and improved. One of the initiatives that the company undertook in 2019 was the implementation of a new hang tag made of 100% recycled material. This new tag was also made thinner than the previous one with the aim of reducing the amount of material needed for packaging. Click here and learn more about the Elastic Interface® Sustainability Program.