Elastic Interface® for ultracycling


Ultracycling, as the name suggests, is the discipline that involves pedalling for long distances and for several days in the saddle of a road bike, a mountain bike or even a hand bike. For the most part, these competitions take place on roads open to traffic and without a marked route; therefore riders have to measure themselves against their own riding skills and navigation ability.

Unique races around the world

UMCA (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association) lays down the rules for this type of competition around the world. Rules are few and simple, such as the ban on drafting other riders or vehicles and the respect of the rules of the road.

ultracycler north cape solo
Races are open to athletes of either sex, divided into different categories: there are those who compete solo, with or without support vehicle, or in teams, with size ranging from 2 up to 8 athletes. A support vehicle can be useful to riders: for ‘mechanicals’ or for refreshments, food, support and rest. Among the most important races within this discipline it is worth mentioning RAAM (Race Across America), over a route that crosses the United States from the West to the East coast, 3000 mile long, climbing over 170.000 vertical feet within a maximum allowed time of only 12 days (for solo racers) and the Northcape 4000 from Florence to the North Cape, far above the Arctic Circle, across more than 10 countries and over a distance of more than 2600 miles. The winner of the last edition of this gruelling race towards the Pole is Paolo Laureti, from Italy. Another athlete totally capable of such undertakings is Paola Gianotti, who holds the Female Guinness World Record for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle.

Elastic Interface® at the forefront of Ultracycling

Elastic Interface® manufactures cycling pads designed for these unique competitions, an element of the utmost importance when it comes to spending many hours in the saddle. The right bib chamois must ensure maximum comfort and the right support to the athlete: a wrong choice is dangerous for the well-being of our body, besides compromising our pedalling efficiency.

Paolo Laureti's bike at sunset during ultracycling North Cape race
Elastic Interface® dedicates to this discipline the Endurance Anatomic Road and the Road Performance Force pads, both boasting the exclusive Hybrid Cell System, a mixed-cell material specifically designed to deliver comfort and protection in extreme situations, as for ultracycling. Both pad models have been constructed with a multidirectional curvature that improves fit and stability over the saddle and they both feature a central channel that improves blood flow during long hours in the saddle.

cycling pad elastic interface road force with hybrid cell system
Stay tuned as we will soon delve further into the ultracycling universe: we will talk about training and motivation with the participation of Paolo Laureti, who will tell us about his experience at the NorthCape4000 and about the different ways to participate, solo or in a team, in addition to the difficulty of night riding.