Rouleur Tech Podcast Interview: New Technology and Sustainability Mission


Last October 6, 2022, our Communications & CSR Manager, Irene Lucarelli, together with our Product Director, Luca Conte, shared an in-depth conversation with Cavallari about the latest innovations we launched and what they mean to our sustainability mission.

As the pioneer in using 3D printing in the making of chamois pads, we unpacked the research, science, and process behind the use of technology. The 30-minute conversation highlighted how our process allowed us to create foam inserts that are specifically designed to bring more comfort and protection based on cyclists’ anatomical structure and different type of terrain.

Aside from the benefits the technology guarantees to cyclists, we also talked about how this is giant leap towards moving forward with our sustainability goals. Since 3D printing allows us to produce only what we need, we are able to minimize material waste significantly.

Listen to the full episode here: