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Paola Gianotti: On a mission to spread awareness on bike safety and sustainability with Bike4Tree Project.


More than being an ultra cyclist and a Guinness World Record holder, Elastic Interface® ambassador Paola Gianotti is an advocate of cycling safety and sustainable mobility. She launched her campaign “lo rispetto il ciclista” in 2018 in her efforts to raise public awareness regarding the greater respect and consideration due to cyclists on the roads. By the end of 2018, she together with Marco Cavorso and ACCPI (Italian Professional Racing Cyclists Association) represented by Alessandra Cappellotto, started to work hard in order to make the minimum distance of 1.5 m between cars and cyclists on the road become a bill for a law. To date, this is now one of the rules of the road (article 149, paragraph 1 – An).

In one of our conversations with her, she said, “I believe there is more focus on cyclists, especially after the pandemic. There is greater attention to the issue of safety also by the institutions that welcome the invitation to install signs indicating overtaking at a distance of 1.5 meters.” This we see is a mark of good strides coming from the launch of her campaign on cycling safety.

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Motivated to continue making an impact not just on the cycling community but also on the environment, Paola set out another project this 2022, and has just completed her Bike4Tree project: she rode from Stockholm to Milan in 10 days to raise awareness of sustainable mobility and the need to act now to improve the conditions of our planet.

Through this project, Paola aims to promote incentivizing the use of bikes for mobility by involving municipalities, schools, citizens, and even children. She wants to communicate the importance of pedalling as much as possible to save our planet.

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The Bike4Tree project aims to plant 2,022 trees in 2022 in Italy to reach the objectives of global environmental sustainability defined by the Cop26 of Glasgow. With Bike4Tree Paola wants to talk to people, public administrations, and municipalities to involve them in this planting process of trees fundamental for the planet in the next 10 years.

Using her bike, Paola Gianotti is eager to make greater awareness just on the importance of road safety for cyclists but also how cycling is the most sustainable and earth-friendly mode of transportation. And with her achievements in the cycling community, she demonstrates that with will and determination you can achieve goals that seem impossible. An attitude that she wants to use as inspiration to others to do their part in making the change for a better world.

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To know more about news and updates on Paola’s campaign and projects, we encourage you to visit her website and Facebook page “Paola Gianotti”.