The sustainable pad

Perfection is a question of perspective.
To us, perfection is when all resources are used at their best, and waste is reduced to zero.

(I’m)Perfect benefits

For the environment, society, and for you.

Road to zero fabric waste

The (I’m)Perfect pad program aims to reduce to zero the discarded fabrics, so we:

  • Make use of production leftovers.
  • Make use of fabrics with imperfections without impacting performance.
  • Reintroduce to the textile industry all other unsuitable fabrics.

Social Impact

  • 1 Pilot project for fabric re-use.
  • Support of local non-profits that work with the underprivileged.


Capsule collection

  • Endurance Anatomic Road chamois, (I’m)PERFECT edition.
  • Colourful, anti-conformists.
  • Unique pieces with the same quality standards set by Elastic Interface®.

Chamois Key Features

  • Certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®.
  • Long distances on road.
  • Specific designs for men and women.
  • Anatomic construction that provides total fit and interaction with saddle.
  • Flat Lock stitching for superior comfort.
  • Mixed fabrics with mixed compositions.
  • Bacteriostatic treatment that prevents skin irritations and rashes caused by sweat.