(I’m)Perfect: Built to Make an Impact


When you think of cycling, it is generally thought of as the most eco-friendly mode of transport available. The health benefits and environmental impact are what make it an appealing sport to most, and in Italy, it is even a culturally embedded way of transportation. With that said, it is only natural for Elastic Interface® to find ways to build our pads that align with these principles, all while guaranteeing protection and performance in the saddle.

By having a different perspective of what it means to create the pad, the (I’m)Perfect project came to life. (I’m)PERFECT is the capsule collection of patchwork chamois that aims to reduce fabric waste to zero by using discontinued fabrics, fabrics with aesthetic imperfections, and reintroducing fabrics that are unusable in the industrial textile supply chain. While the fabrics used for the pads may have aesthetic imperfections, their performance remains intact.


Now the (I’m)Perfect project is not just about creating a sustainable pad. To truly promote a circular economy, the project also considers how to make a social impact. Elastic Interface® will be working with local non-profit organizations that work with underprivileged individuals and develop new clothes using fabrics that can no longer be used in cycling pad production.

With the (I’m)Perfect sustainable pads we would like to showcase that it is possible to create an impact in the cycling industry, not just to promote zero production waste but also to encourage social inclusiveness. When cyclists wear clothing with the (I’m)Perfect pad, not only do they feel protected in the saddle, but they know that it is a pad created with an environmental and social purpose.


We are kicking off the project with a new patchwork version of the Endurance Anatomic Road pads for men and women. These limited edition one-offs guarantee the same premium protection and performance that Elastic Interface® is known for.