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Thermo Molded Technology: Seamless Construction Technique for Maximum Comfort


When cyclists are riding through rough terrain and for long hours, it pays to give great attention to the densities that cycling pads have to offer with minimal bulk. You don’t want to feel any foam or stitch bulges that can potentially distract you on the road. As much as possible, as cyclist, you want your chamois to do only two things and these too only: utmost protection and supreme comfort.

In our previous blog, we talked about our stitched technology and how it has able to help us build anatomic pads for both men and women. Now, we’d like to share with you another technique that Elastic Interface® uses for our pads which is our thermo molded technology. Compared to the stitched technology, in this process the pads are assembled and produced through the use of heat.

This allows us to create pads are totally seamless such as the Elastic Interface® Road Performance Peloton, Gravel Performance, MTB Trail cycling pads.

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With the thermo molded technology, Elastic Interface® can guarantee the following benefits for your cycling pads:


With the thermo molded technology, the fabric is first coupled to a fine foam to compose the top sheet. After that, the padding is coupled to the thermo-adhesive film, is cut, and then the top sheet is assembled to the padding using heat and molds. The technology has allowed Elastic Interface® to create pads with multiple inserts with up to six different densities, so that paddings can ensure maximum protection with minimum bulk.

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Elastic Interface® chamois feature two levels of anatomicity. Top-range products feature an advanced construction technology – the multidirectional curvature – that pre-shapes the whole product and makes it anatomic. This technology, developed thanks to the know-how of our experts, is made by a system of moulds and counter-moulds that give the typical curved shape.
Mid-range products use the same technology, but they benefit of a flat surface combined with anatomic wings of the top sheet. These allow the pad to follow the athletic gesture of the athlete.



The Air Mapping System is another construction technique developed by our R&D department and it is used together with thermo molded pads.

The pad has fabric-only top and a system of holes that are strategically placed to favor air permeability. This results to extreme breathability as holes allow the entry of air to improve skin temperature.

Air mapping

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