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At Eurobike 2023, Elastic Interface® presented a revitalized and more contemporary identity, where the two arrows mark the continuity between the legacy image and the new logo.

The two arrows also serve as guarantee and hallmark, during the transition period in which products and communication channels are gradually updated.

Elastic Interface® has always focused on the future, with an inner attitude towards innovation and improvement.

With this same attitude, we embarked in a rebranding journey that generated a new energic, revitalized and contemporary identity presented at Eurobike 2023.

Massimo Fregonese, the CEO of Elastic Interface®, expressed «The rebranding process aimed to highlight and recognize our expertise and capacity for innovation at Elastic Interface® and elevate the value of a brand that was cherished and valued by our partners, clients, and consumers.»

The new logo represents our heritage, with an eye to the future. The two arrows work as guarantee and leitmotif between the old and new identity. Cyclists and customers now see a renewed image, which counts on its own roots to guarantee even more pedaling comfort.

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In honor of our innovation heritage, every detail has been chosen to reinforce the Elastic Interface® pillars and to communicate directly and clearly our mission.

This process marked the genesis of ELASTIC INTERFACE® – BUILT FOR BODIES. A tagline that condenses our DNA in three words: innovation, scientific approach, and care with one goal only – the cyclist’s wellbeing and performance.


Cyclists ride at their best, when they only feel at their best. In these terms, the apparel they choose needs to work for and with them.

Our product promise represents our commitment to our products, customers, and consumers: innovate our sector and provide solutions and interfaces that represent the exact promise of FEEL YOUR BEST, RIDE YOUR BEST.

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In terms of product offering, the result of our work is a diversified range that covers every rider-bike interface, including pads, palms for cycling gloves and insoles. This effort is also aligned with our commitment to pursue sustainability-driven performance-oriented products.

We are then proud to present three distinct product lines under the Elastic Interface® brand:

1. EXCLUSIVE >>>. Our most advanced range of anatomically designed products featuring high-tech inserts, including those produced with N3X technology and the Hybrid Cell System.

2. PREMIUM >>. This lineup includes a range of anatomically and non-anatomically designed products that provided protection for mid- to long-distance rides.

3. ESSENTIAL >. This is our basic range that delivers ideal protection for shorter distances, ensuring excellent value for money.

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There will be a transition period in which the legacy image will exist together new logo as we work with our client partners to update their products and communication channels. One thing will remain constant throughout the process, the performance guarantee that comes with the Elastic Interface® arrows.