Bastogne Hp Men

The HP version of the Bastogne Men’s pad guarantees increased protection for long distance rides, thanks to the additional ultra-high density inserts that are positioned in the ischiatic and perineal zone. Bastogne HP is the latest addition to the “Long Distance” category; it’s an alternative to the Fiandre HP, Tour HP and Liege HP. While the top surface of the Bastogne HP is characterized by being totally flush, providing close and continuous skin contact, the underneath portion conceals the technology where ultra-high density inserts develop and give life to a new type of construction. This aspect is usually much appreciated among those riders that prefer a smooth, flat surface with no areas of transition or “steps” that denote density changes. As all EIT products the shaping of the central channel is engineered according to specific anthropometrical measurements, guaranteeing adequate protection and supporting male anatomy while in saddle, providing perfect fit, saddle stability and most importantly reliving pressure from the urethra, favoring blood flow. Also the “pelvic tract” area was tested and engineered to support the rotation of the pelvic bone on the saddle while pedaling. The ultra-high density insert makes this product ideal for 4 – plus hour rides.The perfect combination of perforated foams and different foam densities provide breathability and freedom of movement.

Fondello ciclismo Crossover Bastogne Hp Men Elastic Interface
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370 x 170 mm


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