The collaboration started in the early years of CyTech. What brought the two companies to merge were a series of deeply innovative ideas, that revolutionized the cycling shorts market guaranteeing a significant increase in comfort. First of all, the creation and patenting of the Elastic Interface® Technology, hence the creation of the first elastic pad – a true industry benchmark, accessible to all companies in the sector, for the benefit of all cycling enthusiasts. CyTech’s trademark, Elastic Interface® – the original! – has ever since been synonymous of quality and innovation capabilities without compromise.

The collaboration between CyTech and ASSOS is divided into several areas: high performance materials research and development, testing materials and products, product industrialization. More precisely:

    • The design of the Assos cycling pads is carried out at ASSOS Textile Lab, conceived together with the shorts. The one in function of the other in an “indissoluble marriage”. In addition, ASSOS develops a series of technical innovations that enable the achievement of the product’s goals.
    • Here CyTech comes into play, and as technological partner supports ASSOS in the evaluation of the fabrics and the most suitable foams, defining the specific processing, producing the prototypes, and is involved in joint testing to ensure the highest level performance and reliability that has always distinguished the brand ASSOS and which brought fame to the Elastic Interface® cycling pads.

The ASSOS chamois, produced through the partnership with CyTech, is therefore unique in its field – even the production lines of CyTech are engineered ad-hoc for the realization of the ASSOS products. No other CyTech pad replicates their features, and the ASSOS chamois are also irreproducible for third parties, since widely protected by patents.